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About Us

Who We Are

Nowadays, it is essential to choose experienced experts, stay aware of innovations, and keep up with modern technologies. Being a leading IT service provider, Sybrid Global Solutions and Services is a First Tek company that satisfies all of these requirements and even more.

We Turn Experience Into Success

As a company that serves Fortune 500 organizations, we have already proved our capability to successfully assist clients in multiple industries, ranging from healthcare to manufacturing. With our long-term experience and network of talented professionals, we are capable of providing quality, cost-effective technology consulting to organizations from all over the world.

Areas of Expertise

We lead in international software development via organic growth and acquisitions, specializing in Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality, Cloud, AI, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Product Design & Development, Analytics, ERP, CRM, QA, Web & Mobile development.

Sybrid Global: What Does it Really Mean?

As the demand for software development grows, the number of IT organizations also rapidly increases. Such a highly competitive environment undoubtedly raises quality and uniqueness requirements — our software development fellowship easily copes with these challenges. Our name, Sybrid Global, is not just a catch phrase. We combine our expertise with innovative technologies in order to reach our primary target – always improving how we can best serve your business needs.

The Story Behind

Although Sybrid Global is a relatively new company, there is a great history behind this title. At the foundation of Sybrid Global, there are several companies with long-term experience in the IT area.

Future-Oriented Approach

We believe that growth is an inseparable part of development. Even though we’ve built a vast network of experts, Sybrid Global is open to a more collaborative approach, always happy to discuss outside partnerships and the integration of other companies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver intelligent solutions for businesses’ success by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and talented people.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish Sybrid Global as a center of Software engineering, consultancy, and R&D. As a leading international employer, we help people realize their full potential to bring value to society.